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Commanding fierce respect within their warband (and perhaps outside of it, if you're dashing enough), a warleader is pivotal to a functioning unit. With no warleader, who's going to keep the rabble in check? Every warband needs a warleader, and every warleader is better off with a warband, so get recruiting!

Commanding a network of spies, a charming personality that gets people talking, or an innate knowledge of the adversary is important to a warleader, as the rest of the band rely on them for intel on territory missions, and income from your own territories. As a warleader grows in experience and prowess, they may be able to call on additional help, should it be needed, even from the terrifying Arbiters.



Your level of intel dictates how much information you get from the refs before entering the arena for a mission. Higher intel levels mean more information.


Once per event, you may call for reinforcements. These will be players in the safe-zone downstairs, and can be used during territory missions.


Once per event, you may call for recovery. This will come in the form of an Arbiter squad, and can be used during territory missions.

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