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 Skill Tree

01 Point

Allows the use of Crude two handed ranged weapons. This must be pre-loaded by someone else, and you can't reload the weapon yourself. You may still prime and fire the blaster.

02 Points

Allows you to reload two handed ranged weapons.

03 Points

Allows the use of Worn two handed ranged weapons. Also allows the use of Grenades.

04 Points

Allows the use of Rail-tech items. Also allows non-standard clips (or strapped mags).

05 Points

Allows the use of Standard Issue two handed ranged weapons.

06 Points

Allows the use of a targe small shield strapped to an arm.

07 Points

Allows the use of Prototype two handed ranged weapons. Allows the use of Armour Piercing (CRITICAL) rounds.

08 Points

Allows the use of a Riot Shield (Also requires 3 in Heavy Rig).

09 Points

Allows the use of Arbiter two handed ranged weapons. Requires access to Arbiter mainframe.

10 Points

Currently unknown effect.

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