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Unlike arms, cyber or biotech, medics aren't renowned for their crafting abilities. Unless you class re-structuring a mangled arm, or expertly attaching an augmented buttock to be crafting. What medics are renowned for, though, is their uncanny ability to look death in the face and say "Shoo. This one ain't ready yet." when patching up a patient. That and deciding when a limb is better off replaced by the latest and greatest mechanical wonder.

Make no mistake though, any being that has had their hands in that many chest cavities and orifices is certainly no stranger to violence and gore. Medics can be trained to step out into the heat of combat and still have the concentration to save lives. Their skills include the ability to staunch a bleeding ally, increasing their odds of making it back, and the ability to mend wounds on the fly with heal.



In order to staunch a downed friendly, go over to them and roleplay for 20 seconds staunching, or applying pressure to, a wound. Then, when the match is finished, point out to the ref in the briefing room which ones have been staunched. This allows modifiers to be applied to the draw.


In order to recover lost hit points on any ally, go over to them and roleplay for 20 seconds, as if healing or mending a wound. Then that player is considered to have restored one hit point, not exceeding their maximum.


Medics or experienced biotechs may assist in surgery on a willing character. This surgery may entail anything from grafting augments to the character, to in-depth analysis of anatomy, to desperately trying to save their life.

For more information on surgery, please contact the refs, as each circumstance is different.

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