This is a hidden page for admin and moderators. It sums up future plans for the wiki, features to be implemented, and major pending rule changes that need consent from all moderators.

TODO- Website

Add User Groups for Moderators, Crew and Players.

Set permissions for above groups.

Add Bestiary, accessible to all but players ?

Add Recipe list, accessible to all but players ?

Add completed story arcs. Partly to keep the saga alive, and partly to reuse certain bits of information accurately.

TODO- Photos

Career skill photos (Armstech, Biotech, Cybertech, Medic, Warleader)

Rig and Equipment photos (throwing knives/axes, grenades, light+heavy rigs, shields)

Venue photos (Safe-zone and arena)

Currency photos (Shards, slivers and bits)

TODO- Major Rule Updates/Additions

Deployments stuff.

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