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To a cybertech, the intricate wonders of Hive's security systems and hidden protocols are laid before them. An alternate frontier to the battle-scarred reality around them, cybertechs deal with things that no-one else can (or would want to). Mysterious viruses, rogue AIs, and all the dirty little secrets of Hive's denizens.

But such bountiful harvest may only be reaped with the appropriate hacking skills, and what better way to expand their knowledge than by appraising unknown computer systems or data banks.



In order to craft items, cybertechs first need components scavenged from the wastes, pillaged from the unsuspecting, or purchased from the merchants present in the Hive.

There are four tiers of component; Crude, Worn, Standard Issue and Prototype. Depending on the complexity and potency of the target item, different tiers of components may be required. A word of caution, however. It takes a skilled cybertech to make that one virus you want that turns your enemies computer into nothing more than a pinball machine, or an expensive paperweight. And a skilled cybertech requires time to train.


Among other things, a cybertech is able to craft viruses, security bypass items, lockpicking aids, and may build and apply cybertech upgrades to augmentations or armour. But why stop there? Only through experimenting can a cybertech truly discover their potential, and create some cyber weapons worth fearing.



By appraising a component, you may look into what the component is, what it does and with what tech it is used. If it is of a tech you do not have any skill in, you only find out its description. Take the component to the tech-bench and wait till a ref appears. Tell the ref your appraise skill is and in what tech it is, hand over the lammy and they will tell you what you have found out. This process should take approximately 30 seconds of roleplay.


Hack is a skill you use whilst in the arena. Go to whatever you are trying to Hack and motion over a ref or shout “Hacking”. Role-play for 60 seconds and then tell the ref your hacking level. He will either tell you there or back in the briefing room depending on complexity. You cannot make any other actions whilst hacking. Moving, using a skill or using a weapon will reset the hack.

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