Step one in becoming a part of the Hive is to make a character. Otherwise you'd be like, non-existent or something. The Hive system for genning a character is a simple matter of distributing points into the eleven available skill trees. Each skill tree has 10 points, and each point costs one experience point to fill.

The available trees are;

New characters start off with seven experience points to spend as they choose. Initially, on first Gen, a character can put a maximum of three points in any given tree. Alternatively, they have the option of specialising, which is five points in one tree. Note that this must be five. Four points cannot be placed into a single tree when the character is first created.

Events and Experience Points

In order to level your character up, you must attend events. You get one experience point at the start of every event you attend and use your player character (PC). Creating a character at the start of an event does not mean you get this additional point.

Points are spent in any tree that your faction/subfaction does not restrict, and spent points are, for the moment, permanently spent. Choose wisely!

Retirement and Death

In the event your character meets an untimely end, or has lived a long and courageous career, you may die, or elect to retire your character in favour of something new. In either case, that character is no longer playable, all equipment and items they held are lost if not looted or handed over to someone else, and you may gen a new character. There is no restriction against creating a character part way through the event if your character dies.

The administration only asks that you do not constantly retire characters in order to meta-game, or abuse the system. Constant death.. cannot be helped.

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