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Ever thought to yourself that your gun needed more barrels? Or a side-mounted-shark-launcher? Then Armstech is the career for you! Armstechs are in charge of making sure your weapons are beefier than your opponents', and that your gun won't go exploding on you mid-combat. (Disclaimer: Explosions not always prevented. Please see your medic in event of death.)

But Armstechs aren't all stay-at-home, with a quick eye and intimate knowledge of firearms, they bring two skills into the fray. Appraise, which allows them to see just why your enemy had an advantage, and Tinker, because why leave those components lying around when they could just as easily be a trap. Or a shark-launcher.



In order to craft items, armstechs first need components scavenged from the wastes, pillaged from the unsuspecting, or purchased from the merchants present in the Hive.

There are four tiers of component; Crude, Worn, Standard Issue and Prototype. Depending on the complexity and potency of the target item, different tiers of components may be required. It takes skill to ensure your gun fires 33% more bullet per bullet, so don't expect any old armstech to deck you out in the finest in butchery. Even the best need to have trained to get there, after all.


Among other things, armstechs are able to craft non-standard magazines for weapons, grenades, special melee weapons, and may build and attach upgrades to weapons and armour. But don't let this get you down, as an inquisitive armstech may just discover how to make that coveted side-mounted-shark-launcher. Or even something better..

Non-Standard Magazines

Armstech can create magazines of greater capacity than the standard 6-shot. Available ones in-game are 6, 12 and 18 shot straight magazines, as well as 18 and 25 shot drum magazines.


Armstech can also create grenades. Available grenade types are SUPPRESS, as well as MASS STUN, ENTANGLE and DOUBLE.



By appraising a component, you may look into what the component is, what it does and with what tech it is used. If it is of a tech you do not have any skill in, you only find out its description. Take the component to the tech-bench and wait till a ref appears. Tell the ref your appraise skill is and in what tech it is, hand over the lammy and they will tell you what you have found out. This process should take approximately 30 seconds of roleplay.


Tinker is a skill you use whilst in the arena. Go to whatever you are trying to tinker with and motion over a ref or shout “Tinkering”. Role-play for 60 seconds and then tell the ref your Tinkering level. He will either tell you there or back in the briefing room depending on complexity. You cannot make any other actions whilst tinkering. Moving, using a skill or using a weapon will reset the tinker.

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